Berber Travel Adventures ("us") is owned and operated within Morocco. Any reservations, bookings, and excursions are subject to these terms and conditions.


Reservations for an excursion with us can be made by email after you have contacted us regarding the price and availability of a certain excursion for a certain time period. An email will be sent back confirming your reservation with us. For larger groups, a non-refundable deposit may be required and can be made through electronic bank transfer or international money wire. For smaller groups, if we do not ask for a deposit, none is required.


Cancellations can be made to us by email or telephone at least two days prior to the start of your excursion. For cancellations made less than two days prior, we will ask you to send a reimbursement for non-recoverable costs associated with your excursion, including the food purchased by the families planning to host you.


Prices quoted for a one-day excursion include the guided excursion out to the villages, bottled water for the day, lunch, and cultural encounters with a Berber family in their home. Prices for overnight excursions also include all meals and sleeping accommodations in a Berber home.

Not Included

Transport from Marrakech to Amizmiz is not included in the quoted price. See our transport page for your options. If you visit the weekly Berber market on your excursion, any purchases are not included. You are not required or pressured to buy anything, however. For smaller groups, the cost of a donkey to carry baggage and/or water may not be included in the quoted price.

Finally, travel insurance is not included in any quoted prices.

Responsibility and Liability

All types of insurance are your responsibility and you are encouraged to obtain the appropriate holiday travel insurance coverage.   Insurance should cover at least the loss, expenses, and damages arising from: personal accident and injury, medical costs, loss of baggage, personal money and belongings.

All of our excursions include some type of walking and/or hiking on roads and trails leading to the Berber villages we will visit. This physical activity carries with it some inherent risk and although every precaution is taken to guard against such risk, it is understood that your safety cannot be absolutely guaranteed. We assume no liability for accidents resulting from this activity. Physically challenged travel participants requiring special assistance must be accompanied by a qualified adult who assumes total responsibility for the participants' well being.

Special Requests

If anyone in your excursion group needs special accommodations or has special needs, please let us know when you book your excursion with us. This is especially necessary if anyone has special dietary requirements, such as vegetarians.