A Word about Pricing Tours in Morocco

Tour pricing can be tricky. Lots of companies and guides can lure you with low prices, but rarely are you getting a good deal. They find other ways to make up the difference.

Our prices are all-inclusive totals for the day. With the exception of payment for transport from Marrakech to Amizmiz (which we don’t collect), you will not be asked or expected to pay for anything else while you’re with us. You should be weary of comparing us with other tours that quote an extremely low price, therefore. Oftentimes those prices do not include water, morning tea, or lunch. You will probably be taken to an overpriced restaurant that gives a portion of your bill back to the tour guide who brought you there. Your guide might also bring you to one (or several) “recommended” merchants where you’ll be encouraged to buy rugs and other goods—again overpriced with a portion returning to the guide. The day may end with an awkward and high-pressure plea for a tip. Finally, those tours often do not contribute to the local communities and economy to the same extent as us; see the “About Us” page on our website for more information. We are Moroccan owned and operated, based out of Amizmiz, and give a portion of every excursion to the families you will visit.

Pricing for Our Excursions

Contact us for prices on all our excursions. Recognize that pricing is dependant upon the number of people in your group and the specific excursion chosen.

Pricing Details

TRANSPORT Transport from Marrakech to Amizmiz is not included in these prices. See our transport page for more details.

DISCOUNT WITH ANOTHER GROUP If another English-speaking group is scheduled for the same excursion on the same day, we will ask your permission to combine the groups and give everyone a discount.

DONKEYS/MULES You can request a donkey/mule for riding or carrying your backpack/water for a small fee.

STUDENT DISCOUNT Students with valid university identification or International Student Identity Cards (ISIC) will receive a discount on request.

TRAVEL INSURANCE These prices do not include any travel insurance. Insurance for personal accident and injury is your responsibility. See our terms and conditions page.

CHILDREN TRAVELLERS Children will be discounted as part of the group. Let us know how many are included.

LARGE GROUPS Discounts are given for groups larger than 5; contact us for a price quote.